Polyploidization and meiotic recombination, no beer

  • /Genome duplication increases meiotic recombination frequency: a Saccharomyces cerevisiae model/, Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2021. I only quickly browsed this paper, which seems to use technologies that out of my expertise. The main conclusion, though, is the title itself, and the effect is associated with “weakened recombination interference, enhanced double-strand break density and loosened chromatin histone occupation” Also, as claimed by the author, it is the first system to direct study the effects of polyploidization on meiotic recombination frequency. This paper reminds me another paper by Levi Yant et al. 2013 on positive selected genes in the tetraploidy /Arabidopsis arenosa/, in which they found genes involved in meiosis, suggesting dealing with chromosome segregation is crucial after polyploidization.

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